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This Half Thai, half South African Indian, Cape Town-based Director is quite the mixed bag. Aadil spent his childhood bouncing between Thailand, India and a troubled South Africa in the late 80s. He found escape in movies and comedy, and dreamed of one day being able to make films that people could escape to.

Unfortunately, it took him quite a while to get on that path. When he left school, he studied medical sciences at university like a good Asian kid but broke his parents’ hearts when he dropped on account of too much drinking and too little studying. Although, he did go on to get a degree in Psychology, only to break his parents’ hearts again, and enrol to do a post-grad in Copywriting and Advertising at the AAA School of Advertising in Johannesburg.

Aadil then spent 10 years working as a creative in top tier agencies like JWT, Y&R, and BBDO, where he racked up a number of local and international awards.

In 2016, just when he’d become a father and had mounting financial responsibilities, Aadil decided to leave his cushy, financially stable career to finally pursue his lifelong dream of directing. Thankfully, it worked out and he’s produced some amazing work, for some pretty amazing brands and musicians, a few shorts, and has won a couple of awards for a couple of them along the way.

His parents’ hearts are still broken.