Eike FrederikSchulz

Born in 1987 Eike thought he´d become a pianist or a professional basketball player first, then changed plans in his early 20s to navigate towards film. He didn´t lose time and immediately got ready to being rejected at film school. As soon as this had worked out according to plan Eike was lucky enough to get funding for his first over-ambitioned short film „Nachtwächter“. He states the film is of course embarrassingly sentimental and pretentious but does have a good heart at the same time.

Another short film and a first date with commercials later, Eike started working closely with Sebastian Schipper on what many would then call „a very dumb idea“ and what luckily emerged into a quite successful feature film called VICTORIA.

Eike is still stunned by what can happen in front of a camera and on screen if you create the right environment. He´d say film can make us learn how to look at things more precisely and he can´t wait to meet up and show you what that´s supposed to mean.