erste liebestudios

hello world.

We are erste liebe studios—erste liebe film’s content house.

At our core, we are storytellers giving a voice to ideas that need to be heard. We are committed to the craft of filmmaking as a driver of culture and change. We do so by connecting the dots between our network of filmmakers, producers, agencies, artists, and like-minded creatives. Our studio is designed to be a collaborative hub for exceptional work and ideas.

Take the tour and, who knows, you might just fall in love at first sight.

Content is everything.

And everything is content. Before getting too buzzwordy, we must acknowledge that the media landscape has changed considerably. The same can be said for creative and production processes. Nevertheless, what remains unaltered since erste liebe first opened its doors is our commitment to discovering and supporting young and emerging filmmakers. At erste liebe studios, we provide them with a space to develop and the freedom to grow.

Initially, our studio was built for filmmakers. Today, it is open to anyone who has an exciting story to tell. If this concept speaks to you, we would be delighted to hear your ideas. Together we can find a way to make them come to life.

Elephants in the room.

Literally. A herd of elephants would fit into the studio where we materialize our projects and ideas. The 400 m² workspace is located in Oberhafen, Hamburg’s beautiful industrial port area. What was once a regular freight depot for goods from all around the world is now a creative space for a local and global community. It boasts a uniquely designed interior that offers the flexibility for creating any kind of production set.

Get in touch.

Occasionally, erste liebe studios will rent its space out for private and paid events. For more information contact:

Please note that the studio can only be viewed when it isn’t playing host to selected events. Be sure to call or drop us a line before planning your next visit.